Bountiful and Blue


Our plants are still babies. We need a couple of more seasons until our blueberries are ready. Until then, you can get our family's wonderful blueberries from Farmer's Markets from July-Sept.


01. Growing Practices

Like our neighbor vineyard, Kirsten Rose Vineyard, our farm strives to be sustainable and stewards to our environment. We are working on our Salmon-Safe certification, as well as hope to be WSDA certified organic in the near future.

Our blueberries are sourced from a single nursery, and grown on raised beds, with weed mat to assist with weed pressure. Our rows will be planted with beneficial pollinator blends of native grasses and clover to keep the nutrients needed in the soil healthy. We use methods of no-till and flail mowing during the peak season to keep the rows healthy.

02. Varieties

We grow Duke, Top Shelf, and Valor blueberries. All have been carefully selected for our region to grow the best blueberries around.

03. FAQ's

1.  Where can we buy blueberries?

We have been a constant face at the farmer's markets, selling our family's blueberries, Montavon's Berries. You will still find us at the following markets:

  • Thursday 4-7pm - Kennewick Farmers Market

  • Friday 9-1pm - Richland Farmers Market

  • Saturday 8-12pm - Pasco Farmers Market